A new way to party: Virtual Thirty-One Partys

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my first Thirty-One party. Now normally I don’t host any of the direct sales parties because I just don’t have enough local friends to come to them. The bulk of my framily (friends+Family) is back home in Southern IN so I never thought it was possible to do one until I was home again. This is where the Fabulous Leticia comes in. She is an AMAZING Thirty-One consultant who I met through a WAHM group that I am in. She was offering Virtual Thirty-One Parties. I took the chance and had one. I couldn’t be happier with the turnout and how it went.

How it works is, the party is held as a Facebook event. Leticia sets it all up for you and makes you an admin. After the date and time are set up, you’ll then start inviting all your friends and family. Leticia then sends you a package of catalogs, order forms and information on Thirty-One. You can then invite any of your local friends to purchase before the actual party through you. You would take the funds and but them on your order to save shipping. Anyone ordering online will do so through a link that Leticia provides. Leading up to the day of the party, Letica starts posting games and statuses to remind attendees that the party is coming. This also gives attendees a chance to win prizes and such, much like a in-house party. At the time of the party, you would sign on and join in the fun and games that all happen in the event page. The shopping and hostess gifts all work the same its just the platform that is different. If you’re like me and never held a party of this sort before Leticia can answer all of your questions.

Leticia was an amazing consultant. she went above and beyond to help answer questions and make the party fun and exciting. I

As Seen on Pinterest: Sharpie Mugs (that work with regular Sharpies!)

I’ve seen this Pin for a while now. I’ve seen so many ways to get it to work. Most say that it can’t be done with normal Sharpies. Well Guess what, I did just that. Stick around and I’ll share.


First things First, lets gather supplies.

You’ll need:
A mug
Rubbing alcohol
And your oven.

First wipe your mug down with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Design your mug!

Put in cool oven and set at 425 for 30mins. The idea is to get the oven hot at the same time as your mug gets hot. You wouldn’t want a shattered mug in your oven.

Let cool completely. Remove from oven and your set.

These mugs are hand wash only as any major buffing or dish washing will damage the design.



Dreaming of spring.

The weather has been so up and down lately. Its currently hailing/Snowing/Railing here in NC. It was 60 degrees last week. Needless to say that I am not amused Mother Nature. All of this cold and dreary weather has left me longing for spring and a new cute spring wardrobe. I’ve been slowly cranking out new spring designs and now that its fashion week I’m glad that my designs are following the very tailored trend that most designers were showing. I am loving Lela Rose’s Fall collection.

As far as my own designs I have a new design, Sooki and the Little Sooki. A mommy and me design. Its a open backed wrap dress with Sweetheart neckline.

minisooki-front miniSooki-back1 1531585_10151929606837199_180524682_oBoth sizes are going to be coming in Prints and Solids. The Woman’s size has buttons for closures. The Little Sooki has a Multi Snap closure to ensure that the child can’t remove them.

Also added to the shop is Skirt Extenders. These are your Granny’s slips, Made especially for adding much need length to a too short skirt or dress. They have a print or lace at the hem to add length and flare to any Skirt. They come in both Ladies and Girls sizes.

For the Little Lad I am listing backpacks, and a boys shirt and ties. There is also more Ladies wear design coming as soon as they are done being drafted.

Doll Mei Tai Carrier Tutorial AND Free Pattern!


I am a baby wearing junkie. While I have only a few carriers mostly made by me, I wear my girls as much as I can especially when out running errands or during family time. My usual carrier is a Full Buckle Soft structure carrier. It seems that my babywearing has worn off (hahah Pun intended) on Venom. She usually brings me a scarf and asks me to help her wear her babies. I decided that I would make her a Mei Tei for her dolls so that she could have a carrier too. I plan to make her a Buckle eventually but she’s in love for now. She’s spent the day carrying her Rainbow Dash around while building with her legos.

Without further ado, the Tutorial.

Dolly Mei Tai Tutorial

This pattern/ Tutorial is for personal use only. Do not Copy or redistribute for profit.

First: Make sure to prewash, dry and iron your fabrics. This helps preshrink and get the chemicals from milling out of your fabrics. Sew all pieces with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

2nd: Cut 2 body pieces (one inner and one outer), 4 hood, 2 straps and 1 waist tie. Pattern pieces are found here. Body Pieces shows seam allowance and needs to be cut on outer black line.

3rd: Fold and Pin straps in half. Make sure to copy the turning hole marks on the waist strap. Trim at corner points. Then turn making sure to poke the point out using a blunt object. (I use a double point knitting needle or a chopstick. A seam ripper can be used but care must be taken to make sure to not rip a hole in the ends.) Press straps.

4th: Topstitch the arm straps. Do not topstitch waist, that will come after the body is sewn.

5th: Pin straps to the right side of one body piece. Leave 2 inches overhang so that we can secure them with Xboxes after turning. Pin the excess strap down to the body piece. This keeps them from getting caught under your presser foot.

6th Pin hood pieces right sides together and sew, Repeat for both the inner and outer. Pin right sides of outer edge together and sew. Press the seam allowance open and then turn right sides out and topstitch edge. Pin body piece between the straps.

7th: Pin Body pieces right sides together and sew around it. Trim corner points. Then turn and press. Find center of bottom edge and pin to center mark on waist strap. Body piece should be 1 inch inside waist strap. Pin in place and make sure that your seam allowance is all tucked in

8th: Topstitch around waist strap. Trim all threads and add tag (optional)

9th: (optional) Sew Xboxes where straps are sewn on.

If you can’t sew and wish to get your Little one a Carrier, you can find them at https://www.SewAnnaButton.com

Vacation Part Deux: Washington DC


We’re home for the time being before vacation part 3 starts. Its so nice to be home in my own bed and with my own stuff. As awesome as our DC hotel was, my own stuff is better.To catch up, Part One. We were lucky that we got to stay on the Joint Base in DC which is about 10mins from most of what we wanted to see. Aside from Sprinkles Cupcakes, which I didn’t get to see or taste. Our first full day in DC was spent resting after the 12 hours of driving/riding we did the day before. Venom’s car seat needed a major scrub down so thats what I spent the morning doing as well as blogging about Boston.

Day two was spent at the Smithsonian. We went through the Natural History and the American History museums. The Natural History museum was pretty spiffy. 20130906-200047.jpgI loved the

gemstone exhibit. I really love gems stones though. I did find the Hope Diamond to be a bit boring and not as impressive as I thought it would be.20130906-200018.jpg Its more the story that makes it fascinating than the stone itself. Its mildly amusing that the stone is so expensive and rare due to imperfections in the stone, especially when diamonds are graded based on their perfection and clarity.

Venom loved the dinosaurs and Animals. We did skip a few exhibits due to one being human bones and figuring out how they died. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for Venom to see. We also skipped the Ocean life as we have been to several Aquariums.

I loved the whole American history museum. I took a lot of photo’s on Mr.’s phone and only sent a few to myself to post here. Sadly, I didn’t get to take any of the first ladies exhibit or of the American flag. The gowns are all gorgeous! they also have the ladies’s china (all but Mrs Obama. Though they do have her dress. )


Amelia Earhart exhibit in the Air and Space Museum

Day 3 was spent walking monuments and at the Air and Space museum. It was a very hot day. Since we were both babywearing one of the girls it was a must to cool off in a museum after seeing the Lincoln Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, Vietnam Memorial, White House and the Capitol Building.

Lincoln memorial

Lincoln Memorial



We wrapped up or 3rd day by letting Venom run on the grass in front of the Capitol Building. They had something going on so we couldn’t get any closer. The Mr. was getting her to chase him it was too cute.



Day four was spent relaxing a bit as we were in pain from all of the walking and babywearing we were doing. We also went to Arlington Cemetery to see Kennedy’s Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. I didn’t take any photos while there.

Then day five we drove back home and picked the dog up from our amazingly sweet neighbors and went to sleep!

It has been a great and much needed vacation for both the Mr. and I. Sadly it was much too short but theres always next year.

Mid vacation recap- Boston


Woah! What a week. The first half of our vacation is over and now we are enjoying Washington DC. The first half was spent in Boston for my husbands birthday. We left last Sunday afternoon. It took us 2 days to drive up because of some unforeseen car sickness from Venom. We stopped in Baltimore. The hotel we stayed in was oh so lovely. It had adjustable firmness mattresses and a huge glass footed walk in shower. Which Venom managed to get her hand stuck under the rubber seal on the bottom. Mr. and I have had a few laughs about it.

Monday was spent driving the rest on the way up and getting in to the hotel. Tuesday started our actual sightseeing.
We hit up the down town area. Which is amazing and makes me want to buy a tanning bed and move north. We went through the aquarium. Venom was obsessed with the sea turtle in the tank.

20130901-005639.jpg While I loved the penguins. The anaconda statue scared the crap out of me as it looked very life like at first glance. The rest of the morning was spent shopping for Red Sox stuff. The girls both got hats, Mr. got shirts and a hat and I didn’t get anything because there wasn’t any woman’s shirts there. Plus I am not a huge sports person anyway.

That evening we went to the game. Being the awesome and amazing wife that I am, I bought the Mr. Red Sox tickets for his birthday. We were right by the dugout and got to see them slaughter the Orioles 13-4. The girls and I also had our first subway ride that night. Talk about motion sickness, I made it through but it defiantly hurt my head and was to loud for me. My hearing aids were all the way down and it was still to loud.

Wednesday was spent in Salem and with family. We didn’t do much in Salem but I did see The house of Seven Gables and the memorial as well as some of down town. We got to see one of the Mr.’s cousins while there. It was great to meet more of his family.

20130901-005929.jpg Thursday we headed back south to DC. Our trip south was meant to be a 7 hr trip since we were avoiding the tolls as we didn’t want to pay another $50 in tolls. Well it turned in to a 12 hr trip due to our GPS messing up and rerouting us in NYC several times. We spent 4hr in NYC traffic, went through the Bronx twice, down Broadway, through Manhattan, over the Brooklyn bridge and through the Holland Tunnel. All while Roo cried because she wanted to nurse and Venom got car sick. Needless to say, next time I’m buying an EZ-Pass.

Friday was a day of rest and carseat cleaning. This weekend we are seeing sights and enjoying our time together. More about DC next week!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!

Photography classes Online.

I am a huge craft junkie. I love to create in any way possible. Recently its been with photos. With 2 ever growing girls I try to capture as much as I can. Thats why when I heard that Craftsy is now offering online photography courses I got excited. I took photography in highschool but barely remember learning anything from it. I mostly used it as a way to wander the halls and take photos of my friends and I. Now flash forward 10 years, I want to take amazing photos for keepsakes but don’t have the time to go to a class at the college here in town. This is where Craftsy comes in. For a smaller price I can take a class at home in my own time (hello, Naptime!) and learn all about F-stops and Apertures. They have about 4 different photography courses. THe one I can’t wait to take is the Shoot It: Product Photography Class. As a WAHM one of the major issues I am always dealing with is taking product photos.

Craftsy also offers a growing selection of other classes as well from Cake decorating to Sewing and more. All of their courses are taught via video by some of the best in the fields. the classes never expire and you can go back and watch them as many times as you’d like from wherever you have an internet access.

The Class is currently 40% off as well!

This is an affiliate post. All opinions are my own.

Weekly Wishes: Vacation Prep.

Credit: BigSkyline.com

Credit: BigSkyline.com

Wow, Last week was crazy busy for me. Lots of cleaning, celebrating and playing with Venom. This week is starting to be even crazier. More cleaning, Packing and preparing for Vacation that starts on Sunday. My darling Mr. Bones turns 30 next week so I am taking him to Boston for a Red Sox game. In turn he’s taking me to the Smithsonian on the way back home. I am so looking forward to the First Lady exhibit and seeing the first sewing machine, Ruby red slippers and the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals. Most of all I am excited to be creating memories with my husband and our Girls, even though Roo isn’t big enough to remember. My only wishes for this week are to have the house cleaned, us packed and ready to go before saturday so I can just sit and relax before leaving Sunday and to get a few tutorials photographed and set to post.

 I also have a bit of news to share, I was featured on the Action Hearing Loss UK blog about my battle and coping with Menieres Disease. You can read the article here. 
What are your Weekly Wishes? Anything exciting happening this week for you?
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  • https://amamacollective.com/ Jenna Guizar

    I love cleaning my house before a vacation also – because coming home to a clean home is the best thing ever :) I hope that you have the time you need to feel like you got your stuff done! I hate the anxious feeling of “there was something else I needed to do!” so I really hope you don’t have that :) Have fun at the baseball game!

    • https://www.ishouldhavesewn.com/ Kae

      Thanks. I always feel like I am forgetting to do something. Thankfully I have been working ahead so there isn’t much left to do.

  • Danialle Birdwell

    I had no idea they had the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals in a museum! That would be a really neat thing to see! And I’m the same way with cleaning before a vacation. So that when I get home, I can relax!!

  • Debra Rutt

    I’m like you – I’m scrubbing my toilets right before I hop in the car and go on any trip – like I’m cleaning the house in case any “vistors” stop by!

  • https://www.91dash.com/ Aukele @ 91dash

    So excited you’re joining this link up! The community is incredible

First Impression: Palmolive Fresh Infusions.

pic from my Instagram.

Let me start off by saying I was sent Palmolive Fresh Infusions for free to try. All Opinion are my own.

I was sent all 3 scents to try. When I first opened the box it smelt heavenly. The scents are Lemon Thyme, Ginger White Tea and Lime Basil. Lime Basil is by far my favorite. It smells just like a Key Lime pie. The only thing that varies between them are the scents. I really can’t think of a way to describe the Ginger White tea but Lemon thyme is a nice fresh lemon scent. The cleaning power is great with these. I tested by using it to clean a pot with burn on Chili…. It took little effort on my part. It also didnt leave my poor eczema prone hands all dry feeling like other brands.

I defiantly will be buying this again and I have already recommended it to several people.


Maternity Fashion:22 week bump.

I’m not sure why but this never posted weirdness. So here it is better late than

This time around I’ve been working with what I have available in mine and Mr. Sailors closet. I do plan on finding some long sleeve tops but have yet to find any that are $15 for a plain long sleeve tee. Super ridiculous for something so simple. I’m thing it may come down to me making them an I did find a patter/tute but I’m not sure I want to go that route just yet.

Anyhoo, style has been about comfort an warmth. It’s colder here than I’ve experienced in a while so bundling up is a most somedays. I’ve snagged a sweater and hoodie for the Mr. I have jeans from Venom’s pregnancy that I’ve been wearing some but can still fit most of my jeans with the use of my tummy bands (I made those last pregnancy too. ) or the rubber bad trick. I have been working on a pant extender but haven’t gotten it just how I want it just yet. Other staples are:

Dresses: Empire waist dresses or even Blouses are nice for being able to grow with you. I prefer Maxi length as there comes a time when I dont want to/ can’t shave my legs so they hide them.

Elastic Waisted skirts- They are super comfortable and non constricting which is a must. I also have a few Maxi skirts.

Cardigans- For bundling. They are easy to take on and off when hot flashes hit.

Tights or knee highs- for under skirts and dresses.

Layering with a tank & wool sweater w/Maternity jeans

Hair accessories- most days I’m to tired from being up all night with Venom that I dot want to go full glam Momma mode, bows and headbands add just the right extra so it doesn’t seem like I’ve over slept and not done anything all day. (All of my bows and head bands I’ve made myself. Bows and headbands can be found in my shop or by contacting me, if your looking for some.)

Belly bands or tanks.- for days I do wear jeans I usually pair them with an undershirt so that the unbuttoned part of the zip doesn’t show. They are handy for postpartum nursing in public too! You can find them pretty cheap right now due to it being Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.