Its crazy to think that in just about 9 more weeks(give or take a few) we will have our newest little in our arms to snuggle and love. It’s been a chaotic last 31 weeks and now it’s crunch time to finish up the last few things we need to do and buy.

Given the current living arrangement of our parental units (his father and my mother are both living with us currently), little guy will be rooming with us in the master. It actually works out for the better as I am once again breastfeeding and night feedings are exhausting those first few months. The crib is being sidecar’d to our Bed for ease of nursing. I also picked up the Poäng chair from Ikea for comfortably nursing when needed. I still need to get or make new sheets and his blanket, which his Poppa has decided will be Hulk inspired. I was hoping to agree on Frankenstein but I can always do a reversible one.

We were so fortunate that a friend of mine just had her little guy about 6 months ago and still had all of his newborn and smaller sized clothing (Thanks Kelsey! And thanks Ashley for getting them to my mom!). We have picked up some things for him as well as me making him some cute custom layette sets.

While we aren’t having a shower this time around (it’s just not possible with all of our friends and family members being 1000+ miles away) I did register on Amazon and a local store back in our hometown. Mostly so that I can track what things I still need to get and for those few that want to send gifts. I’m not worried about gifts just thankful he is being celebrated. His birth is an exciting event for us.

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