Wow, Last week was crazy busy for me. Lots of cleaning, celebrating and playing with Venom. This week is starting to be even crazier. More cleaning, Packing and preparing for Vacation that starts on Sunday. My darling Mr. Bones turns 30 next week so I am taking him to Boston for a Red Sox game. In turn he’s taking me to the Smithsonian on the way back home. I am so looking forward to the First Lady exhibit and seeing the first sewing machine, Ruby red slippers and the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals. Most of all I am excited to be creating memories with my husband and our Girls, even though Roo isn’t big enough to remember. My only wishes for this week are to have the house cleaned, us packed and ready to go before saturday so I can just sit and relax before leaving Sunday and to get a few tutorials photographed and set to post.

 I also have a bit of news to share, I was featured on the Action Hearing Loss UK blog about my battle and coping with Menieres Disease. You can read the article here. 
What are your Weekly Wishes? Anything exciting happening this week for you?
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  • Jenna Guizar

    I love cleaning my house before a vacation also – because coming home to a clean home is the best thing ever :) I hope that you have the time you need to feel like you got your stuff done! I hate the anxious feeling of “there was something else I needed to do!” so I really hope you don’t have that :) Have fun at the baseball game!

    • Kae

      Thanks. I always feel like I am forgetting to do something. Thankfully I have been working ahead so there isn’t much left to do.

  • Danialle Birdwell

    I had no idea they had the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals in a museum! That would be a really neat thing to see! And I’m the same way with cleaning before a vacation. So that when I get home, I can relax!!

  • Debra Rutt

    I’m like you – I’m scrubbing my toilets right before I hop in the car and go on any trip – like I’m cleaning the house in case any “vistors” stop by!

  • Aukele @ 91dash

    So excited you’re joining this link up! The community is incredible

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