Woah! What a week. The first half of our vacation is over and now we are enjoying Washington DC. The first half was spent in Boston for my husbands birthday. We left last Sunday afternoon. It took us 2 days to drive up because of some unforeseen car sickness from Venom. We stopped in Baltimore. The hotel we stayed in was oh so lovely. It had adjustable firmness mattresses and a huge glass footed walk in shower. Which Venom managed to get her hand stuck under the rubber seal on the bottom. Mr. and I have had a few laughs about it.

Monday was spent driving the rest on the way up and getting in to the hotel. Tuesday started our actual sightseeing.
We hit up the down town area. Which is amazing and makes me want to buy a tanning bed and move north. We went through the aquarium. Venom was obsessed with the sea turtle in the tank.

20130901-005639.jpg While I loved the penguins. The anaconda statue scared the crap out of me as it looked very life like at first glance. The rest of the morning was spent shopping for Red Sox stuff. The girls both got hats, Mr. got shirts and a hat and I didn’t get anything because there wasn’t any woman’s shirts there. Plus I am not a huge sports person anyway.

That evening we went to the game. Being the awesome and amazing wife that I am, I bought the Mr. Red Sox tickets for his birthday. We were right by the dugout and got to see them slaughter the Orioles 13-4. The girls and I also had our first subway ride that night. Talk about motion sickness, I made it through but it defiantly hurt my head and was to loud for me. My hearing aids were all the way down and it was still to loud.

Wednesday was spent in Salem and with family. We didn’t do much in Salem but I did see The house of Seven Gables and the memorial as well as some of down town. We got to see one of the Mr.’s cousins while there. It was great to meet more of his family.

20130901-005929.jpg Thursday we headed back south to DC. Our trip south was meant to be a 7 hr trip since we were avoiding the tolls as we didn’t want to pay another $50 in tolls. Well it turned in to a 12 hr trip due to our GPS messing up and rerouting us in NYC several times. We spent 4hr in NYC traffic, went through the Bronx twice, down Broadway, through Manhattan, over the Brooklyn bridge and through the Holland Tunnel. All while Roo cried because she wanted to nurse and Venom got car sick. Needless to say, next time I’m buying an EZ-Pass.

Friday was a day of rest and carseat cleaning. This weekend we are seeing sights and enjoying our time together. More about DC next week!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!

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