Home Under Construction

I’ve spent mt day sitting here playing with Venom while watching the Maintenance guys rip out all of the kitchen and bathrooms cabinets…. yeah not fun. I spent the weekend cleaning out said cabinets. My Apartment is a wreck. I did make my tiny stock pile look pretty. as soon as they are done (and I’m done putting things back away) I’ll try to snap picks of it all prettified. It really couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting reorganized and downsizing. We have A LOT of things we dont use or need, Lots of clothes we don’t wear and etc… I’ve been reading organizing blogs (my new favorite blog is IHeart Organizing), looking for ideas on Pinterest and figuring things out on my own. I’ve Learned to label, sort and trash things. My paper shredder is my new BFF… LOL not really I still love my real Besties, but its up there. I even made an awesome battastic Household binder, I’m still working on pages for it, but its together. I’ve even reworked my Business binder and organized Hello Kendra. I’ve been planning out post and content. I’ve got a friend that is working on a new biz logo. Things are coming together and I feel my days running a bit more smoothly. Venom still throws a wrench in the plans from time to time but its getting where needs to be..

Its been along weekend. Mr. Sailor had Duty and watch yesterday so it made for a lonely day for Venom and I. He did have today off so that makes up for it. He and I have been playing Skyrim, he’s been giving my pointers while he plays and I’m stuck. I can’t find my way to where I need to be. I can’t fast travel either as I just started the game and haven’t found all of the spots. Doesn’t really matter much as I dont get much game playing time anyways. There’s always something else to be done. Speaking of which….

 Ta Ta.

Tutorial: Ipod Charging Cozy

Recently, I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. I orginally found this project on there but the tutorial and whole blog are in German. So I decided to help another online friend out and make my own version/tutorial for her.The Tutorial is after the jump, due to lots of Pictures.

Fabric (I used a scrap from my Diaper Bag and some black swirls.)
Heavy Interfacing
Tailors chalk or a pen.
Sewing machine

Project time is about 30mins


First, Gather your supplies and make sure your fabric is pressed( I skipped this step as I was trying to finish this during nap time. It didn’t end up happening though)

Next, On your interfacing, measure a rectangle of 6.5″x 3.5″ (you can make it longer if you’d like. In hindsight I wish I would have just a bit.) Then measure 3/4″ from the top and both sides Marking the lines, them mark 1-3.4″ from the top. This gives you the cut out to go around your plug. Cut this out. Set aside for now.

Next, mark your cotton 7.5″x 4.5″ (or whatever length you made yours) Mark your plug hole on here as well.

With Right Sides together Pin and sew around the plug hole. Cut out hole leaving a Seam Allowance.

 Next Your going to cut out your pocket, Mearsure 5.5″x 8″ hem the top. Fold in half and mark 2″ from the fold on both sides. fold on marks and stitch as close to edge as possible to create pintuck. Set aside.

Now comes the tricky part. Grab the bottom of one piece and push it through the plug hole. this will cause the right sides to be facing out. Press and then Place interfacing by threading one side through the cut out. Pin in place and topstitch.

Now Pin in 1/2″ on the top and sides. leave the bottom alone for now. Take Pocket pieces and center it on the bottom portion. Tuck in 1″ of pocket piece in to seam on both sides. Sew around leaving 1″ from bottom unsewn.

Pin Pintuck to side. pin in bottom making tiny pleat in center of pocket piece. Topstitch. Then enjoy!


Howdy Partner….

Welp, we’re in Texas now. Let me tell you, that after living in Southern IN and FL, Texas is a different atmosphere. Everything is so different, especially the way the city is layed out. I like it. Its nice to be abole to hop on the highway, zoom to where we need to go and them hop back on and zoom home. NO stoplights and no having to navigate down several different streets at 40mph…. The drivers are crazy and careless though. Some women almost hit us the other day do to her being on her cell phone and crossing 3 lanes of traffic. She was not paying attention. Thankfully Mr. Sailor was driving.

With our move, we decided to downsize so that we could save some money and live in a better area. (military bases aren’t usually in the nice area’s of towns they’re in….) I now find myself with a problem. Since we now rent a 2bedroom Flat, we have lost about 500sqft. most of which is the 3bedroom and a garage. That being said I am trying to find ways of storing the things that we’ve kept and still be able to work and use them. My poor little Venom’s room is still in boxes. Several of which are my sewing stuff and Mr. Sailor’s garage things…. I’ve been looking at organizing and storage solutions/tips to make it work. We’re also getting rid of things we don’t need any longer. With all of my reorganizing and decluttering I plan on making it were I can work and get back on track. I’ve said it several times now and have started to do so but always came to a standstill. This time I have some powerful drive and lots of new incentives.


Cloth Diaper Review: Oeko Popo Diapers

This is a LONG overdue Review. Its also the first in a few I have to post. I Purchased the tester and the review is all my own…

Review- Oeko Popo Diapers

Before Venom was born I was lucky enough to receive a Tester Diaper from Oeko Popo Diapers. I only had to put down a 10$ deposit that would be returned at the time that she received my review. It was a great deal and the diaper is adorable. Venom has been Cloth diapered from the start, minus the 2 days we were in the hospital. She was 20.5″ long and 7lbs 3oz at birth and 6lbs 13oz when we left the hospital. She was so tiny I knew that she probably wouldn’t fit it right away. She now weighs 14lbs.

The diaper came wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon with a hand written note. I love tiny details like that. When I send out orders, I do the same extra touches to show that I am not a machine…

The diaper is yellow and pink with butterfly embroidery. Its a Pocket diaper with a welt pocket opening. The inside is athletic wicking mesh. It has adjustable back elastic and cased leg elastic, as well as front elastic. For a closer it uses swimsuit hooks. I was intrigued by the use of bra slide for the adjustablity. They hold very well and are simple enough to use.

At 2 weeks old I decided to try it on her. It fit okay, the front gaped a lot. While the legs fit wonderfully. I kind of wish there was a way to cross over the taps or that the front elastic was tighter. Now at 1 month the fit is a bit better. It still gaps just a bit.
Now at 4 and a half months it now fits almost perfectly.

The Gapping

It came with an insert but at first look its very small. I feel like its just to tiny. Also it doesn’t seem adsorbent enough, But Venom is a super soaker at times. I’ve added extra stuffing when she wears it. It did make stuffing a bit harder. I did try just laying in a soaker and I had leakage. Im not sure if it was Mummy error or what. When I stuff I haven’t had an issue. It does hold her Breastfed poop with out an issue.

Overall, its a great diaper. The design is great and very well made. I really recommend that you check the store out.

ETA: The creator of this diaper at this time is working on her own free to use pattern and doesn’t have any diapers for sale that I’ve seen.

Shoe love….

Thank you google images. These are no longer for sale on the Christian Louboutin website. :(

I am in love with these shoes. While Mr. Sailor said NO to the 900$ pair of fabulous-ness.I’m still figuring out how I can make these mine…. Sale anyone? (well there is a Coupon code for 40% off in the Etsy store until August 31st…. hint hint…)

I have a confession, I am addicted to shoes. I love shoes but hardly wear them. I love them so much I have about 40 pairs as of right now. (This number has shrank from like 50+ in years past.) Most of the collection is compiled of high (I mean really high) heels. I’m the most vertically challenged of my siblings so heels make me feel not as short. :)


A not so Challenging Decision

Im usually one who will think decisions and options out very very carefully before anything else. Now in my 40 weeks, I don’t want to be pregnant any longer mind frame. Everything annoys me and wears my already very thin patience even thinner. While taking a break from cleaning up the house before Our family arrives, I look at my phone to see I have several Facebook notifications. I log on and IMMEDIATELY become annoyed. So then and there I decided that Facebook and I are breaking up. I need to focus my attentions else were anyways. My business has fallen to the sidelines and I need to focus on that and Venom (if she ever decides to journey into the real world…). My focus over the next few weeks will be revamping this blog (stay tuned for more tutorials and Craft related post) and getting new Merch made and photographed.

Comments and such that anyone may post on Facebook will be left unanswered so its best to contact me Via Commenting here, Twitter or Email.


Waiting….. At 39 Weeks.

Photo by https://www.Faithmouse.com

Dear Venom,

My darling little symbiont, while I’ve enjoyed most of the experience of you growing inside of me. Please consider this your final eviction notice. Your lease is up on Tuesday, however there have been some questionable practices going on in your dwelling place for a few days now. This includes (but are not limited to), painful contractions that don’t end up in labor. Both Poppa and I have decided that it is time for you to get out. We can’t wait to meet you and hold you. You have 24 hours to vacate the premises or your landlord may have to forcefully remove you.

Thank you for your cooperation,

We have hit 39 weeks…. And the waiting is in full effect, it feels like this is going on forever. I think I’ve repacked the hospital bags like 3 or 4 times now… not to mention there is not much left to clean in my house. I just have daily chores to do… I’ve received all of the packages I was waiting on. I have 2 reviews planned for when she finally takes Mummy and Poppa’s eviction notice seriously.

I was lurking on Diaper Sewing Diva’s Proboard and some one was talking about Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper detergent. So being the curious person that I am. I checked out her Etsy and ordered a sample size to try. I ordered a sample of the Buttercream Cupcake, because you can’t go wrong with cupcake scented laundry soap… I plan on doing a full review once I use it. (I’ve already prepped her diapers with Rockin Green Detergent. Which I need to write up a review for as well)

I also was lucky enough to snag a Tester diaper from Oeko Popo Diapers. Its a seriously cute diaper. Jules, make one sized pocket diapers unlike any of the others I’ve seen.Check out her facebook page and keep an eye out for the review. Its coming eventually…. 2.5 weeks tops…


Time Flies….

Holy Batman! I just looked at the calendar and realized that its the last day of February. This realization kinda makes me go in to panic mode. I have to many things to accomplish in the next few weeks. I really should update that to-do list I have…

Mr. Sailor and I attended a Prepared Childbirth class this past Saturday. It was interesting to say the least. It was nice to be able to learn  some of the Hospitals procedures and protocols. In typical fashion the class sported the one completely obnoxious guy that acted as if we were in 6th grade health class. He kept cracking dumb jokes and trying to be funny. I really feel for the instructor since she must see it on a regular basis. Obnoxious guy aside, the class was informative and it was nice for me to see the L&D and Maternity Wards (Mr. Sailor sees them all the time…. ).

Sunday was spent being lazy. I just didnt have it in me to be productive in any way other than playing The Sims 3 on Playstation3. Although I did manage to start washing the diaper inserts that I have done. I’m currently waiting on a box of supplies so I can make some more soakers and covers. From what I’ve read there has been some issues with the company. Hopefully I’ll have my order soon.

If you follow my Facebook page, then you might have seen that I’m going to start offering children’s Items. Ive been working on patterns and researching the regulations. Its all slightly mind blowing, but some of it is insightful. I hope to get a few more designs and patterns worked up soon.

Happy Monday!


Navy Life- An Amazing Surprise.

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope that everyone enjoyed it. I had a great weekend and a wonderful surprise. While I’ve been here a year exactly today, I haven’t made that many friends. The few that I have are mostly Active Duty, but their amazing people. Mr. Sailor and I had our baby showers insanely early on in our Pregnancy since we knew there wasn’t a safe way for us to travel back to Indiana in the middle of there winter. (By safe I mean, we’re not crazy and going to risk being stuck there when snow hits. Also, the thought of a 12+ hour car ride doesn’t sound appealing.) Any who, Mr. Sailor felt that I needed something more, so he took it upon himself to get together with our friends and throw me a surprise baby shower this past weekend. Let me say that they got me good. Poor Mr. Sailor failed to get a pic of my face when I opened the door to see my friends standing there with balloons and cupcakes in hand. Needless to say it made me feel very very loved. Its nice to get unexpected surprises. The shower was very untraditional, We played Kinect instead of shower games and had pizza instead of finger sandwiches. Everyone had a great time and I am so grateful for such amazing friends.


Me Monday: New things in the works

I’ve been quite again only because Mr. Sailor was on Leave last week and I was trying to spend time with hi since our Venom free time is coming to an end. I also spent the week cleaning the house so I can happily say that I a all caught up on all chores. I’m happy about the prospect of sewing all week. This morning was spent running errands so that this evening I can sit and work on finishing Venom’s quilt that I’ve put on the back burner. I have lots of things to show you guys but it keeps raining and I cant seem to get decent pictures. As soon as I can get the photos new things will be shared and listed. My one major goal this year is to work harder at S.B. Designs13. Ok well I need to go prep some purses. Stay tuned for the new things that are coming this week.