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Spring wardrobe update.


One of my biggest struggle since getting married and becoming a mom is making sure I dress appropriate. At 29, it’s time to dress like an adult even if I am totally faking my adult status. Since I have lost the majority of my baby weight from Frankenbaby, it was time to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve read up on capsule wardrobes thanks to some Facebook mommy groups and Pinterest. While I love the idea I love clothing and can’t stop sewing it for myself.

Ideally I would have sewn myself some new shorts and tops, but I don’t have the time or the ability since the majority of our house is in boxes for our eventual move (buying a house is a frustrating process, but that’s another post). So a quick trip was made to Ross to see what they had. I seriously love Ross. They always have the cutest items for wardrobe and home.

I picked up six pieces that all with work with each other and the other items in my current wardrobe. My goal is to have a super simple grab and go wardrobe.



This outfit was actually chosen for family photos. I loved the simple elegance of the top. It is a ballerina pink with lace overlay and some bling details at the neck line. The shorts are the softest denim I have ever felt. They have some bling details on pockets as well. I’ve wanted some white shorts or pants for awhile now but until now I couldn’t commit.


I saw this high low tunic and fell In love with it instanty. It’s flowly and a light weight cotton so it’s perfect for the warm days of the south west. It should pair perfectly with short, pants and leggings make it a very versatile piece. I snagged a pair of distressed capris to replace a pair of my favorite distressed jeans that are slowly becoming dryer lent.


The last set I got was a simple plaid button down and some high waisted shorts. The shorts are another item oven been looking to add for some time now. I just love the colors in the plaid. The coral and teal go really beautifully together.


I have aver already started mixing in my current wardrobe. For a look at my outfits, check out Instagram for daily updates!

Stay tuned for all my sewn pieces that will be made after our move.

Dreaming of spring.

The weather has been so up and down lately. Its currently hailing/Snowing/Railing here in NC. It was 60 degrees last week. Needless to say that I am not amused Mother Nature. All of this cold and dreary weather has left me longing for spring and a new cute spring wardrobe. I’ve been slowly cranking out new spring designs and now that its fashion week I’m glad that my designs are following the very tailored trend that most designers were showing. I am loving Lela Rose’s Fall collection.

As far as my own designs I have a new design, Sooki and the Little Sooki. A mommy and me design. Its a open backed wrap dress with Sweetheart neckline.

minisooki-front miniSooki-back1 1531585_10151929606837199_180524682_oBoth sizes are going to be coming in Prints and Solids. The Woman’s size has buttons for closures. The Little Sooki has a Multi Snap closure to ensure that the child can’t remove them.

Also added to the shop is Skirt Extenders. These are your Granny’s slips, Made especially for adding much need length to a too short skirt or dress. They have a print or lace at the hem to add length and flare to any Skirt. They come in both Ladies and Girls sizes.

For the Little Lad I am listing backpacks, and a boys shirt and ties. There is also more Ladies wear design coming as soon as they are done being drafted.

Maternity Fashion:22 week bump.

I’m not sure why but this never posted weirdness. So here it is better late than

This time around I’ve been working with what I have available in mine and Mr. Sailors closet. I do plan on finding some long sleeve tops but have yet to find any that are $15 for a plain long sleeve tee. Super ridiculous for something so simple. I’m thing it may come down to me making them an I did find a patter/tute but I’m not sure I want to go that route just yet.

Anyhoo, style has been about comfort an warmth. It’s colder here than I’ve experienced in a while so bundling up is a most somedays. I’ve snagged a sweater and hoodie for the Mr. I have jeans from Venom’s pregnancy that I’ve been wearing some but can still fit most of my jeans with the use of my tummy bands (I made those last pregnancy too. ) or the rubber bad trick. I have been working on a pant extender but haven’t gotten it just how I want it just yet. Other staples are:

Dresses: Empire waist dresses or even Blouses are nice for being able to grow with you. I prefer Maxi length as there comes a time when I dont want to/ can’t shave my legs so they hide them.

Elastic Waisted skirts- They are super comfortable and non constricting which is a must. I also have a few Maxi skirts.

Cardigans- For bundling. They are easy to take on and off when hot flashes hit.

Tights or knee highs- for under skirts and dresses.

Layering with a tank & wool sweater w/Maternity jeans

Hair accessories- most days I’m to tired from being up all night with Venom that I dot want to go full glam Momma mode, bows and headbands add just the right extra so it doesn’t seem like I’ve over slept and not done anything all day. (All of my bows and head bands I’ve made myself. Bows and headbands can be found in my shop or by contacting me, if your looking for some.)

Belly bands or tanks.- for days I do wear jeans I usually pair them with an undershirt so that the unbuttoned part of the zip doesn’t show. They are handy for postpartum nursing in public too! You can find them pretty cheap right now due to it being Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.


Tutorial: Ipod Charging Cozy

Recently, I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. I orginally found this project on there but the tutorial and whole blog are in German. So I decided to help another online friend out and make my own version/tutorial for her.The Tutorial is after the jump, due to lots of Pictures.

Fabric (I used a scrap from my Diaper Bag and some black swirls.)
Heavy Interfacing
Tailors chalk or a pen.
Sewing machine

Project time is about 30mins


First, Gather your supplies and make sure your fabric is pressed( I skipped this step as I was trying to finish this during nap time. It didn’t end up happening though)

Next, On your interfacing, measure a rectangle of 6.5″x 3.5″ (you can make it longer if you’d like. In hindsight I wish I would have just a bit.) Then measure 3/4″ from the top and both sides Marking the lines, them mark 1-3.4″ from the top. This gives you the cut out to go around your plug. Cut this out. Set aside for now.

Next, mark your cotton 7.5″x 4.5″ (or whatever length you made yours) Mark your plug hole on here as well.

With Right Sides together Pin and sew around the plug hole. Cut out hole leaving a Seam Allowance.

 Next Your going to cut out your pocket, Mearsure 5.5″x 8″ hem the top. Fold in half and mark 2″ from the fold on both sides. fold on marks and stitch as close to edge as possible to create pintuck. Set aside.

Now comes the tricky part. Grab the bottom of one piece and push it through the plug hole. this will cause the right sides to be facing out. Press and then Place interfacing by threading one side through the cut out. Pin in place and topstitch.

Now Pin in 1/2″ on the top and sides. leave the bottom alone for now. Take Pocket pieces and center it on the bottom portion. Tuck in 1″ of pocket piece in to seam on both sides. Sew around leaving 1″ from bottom unsewn.

Pin Pintuck to side. pin in bottom making tiny pleat in center of pocket piece. Topstitch. Then enjoy!

Shoe love….

Thank you google images. These are no longer for sale on the Christian Louboutin website. :(

I am in love with these shoes. While Mr. Sailor said NO to the 900$ pair of fabulous-ness.I’m still figuring out how I can make these mine…. Sale anyone? (well there is a Coupon code for 40% off in the Etsy store until August 31st…. hint hint…)

I have a confession, I am addicted to shoes. I love shoes but hardly wear them. I love them so much I have about 40 pairs as of right now. (This number has shrank from like 50+ in years past.) Most of the collection is compiled of high (I mean really high) heels. I’m the most vertically challenged of my siblings so heels make me feel not as short. :)