A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my first Thirty-One party. Now normally I don’t host any of the direct sales parties because I just don’t have enough local friends to come to them. The bulk of my framily (friends+Family) is back home in Southern IN so I never thought it was possible to do one until I was home again. This is where the Fabulous Leticia comes in. She is an AMAZING Thirty-One consultant who I met through a WAHM group that I am in. She was offering Virtual Thirty-One Parties. I took the chance and had one. I couldn’t be happier with the turnout and how it went.

How it works is, the party is held as a Facebook event. Leticia sets it all up for you and makes you an admin. After the date and time are set up, you’ll then start inviting all your friends and family. Leticia then sends you a package of catalogs, order forms and information on Thirty-One. You can then invite any of your local friends to purchase before the actual party through you. You would take the funds and but them on your order to save shipping. Anyone ordering online will do so through a link that Leticia provides. Leading up to the day of the party, Letica starts posting games and statuses to remind attendees that the party is coming. This also gives attendees a chance to win prizes and such, much like a in-house party. At the time of the party, you would sign on and join in the fun and games that all happen in the event page. The shopping and hostess gifts all work the same its just the platform that is different. If you’re like me and never held a party of this sort before Leticia can answer all of your questions.

Leticia was an amazing consultant. she went above and beyond to help answer questions and make the party fun and exciting. I

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