Spring wardrobe update.


One of my biggest struggle since getting married and becoming a mom is making sure I dress appropriate. At 29, it’s time to dress like an adult even if I am totally faking my adult status. Since I have lost the majority of my baby weight from Frankenbaby, it was time to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve read up on capsule wardrobes thanks to some Facebook mommy groups and Pinterest. While I love the idea I love clothing and can’t stop sewing it for myself.

Ideally I would have sewn myself some new shorts and tops, but I don’t have the time or the ability since the majority of our house is in boxes for our eventual move (buying a house is a frustrating process, but that’s another post). So a quick trip was made to Ross to see what they had. I seriously love Ross. They always have the cutest items for wardrobe and home.

I picked up six pieces that all with work with each other and the other items in my current wardrobe. My goal is to have a super simple grab and go wardrobe.



This outfit was actually chosen for family photos. I loved the simple elegance of the top. It is a ballerina pink with lace overlay and some bling details at the neck line. The shorts are the softest denim I have ever felt. They have some bling details on pockets as well. I’ve wanted some white shorts or pants for awhile now but until now I couldn’t commit.


I saw this high low tunic and fell In love with it instanty. It’s flowly and a light weight cotton so it’s perfect for the warm days of the south west. It should pair perfectly with short, pants and leggings make it a very versatile piece. I snagged a pair of distressed capris to replace a pair of my favorite distressed jeans that are slowly becoming dryer lent.


The last set I got was a simple plaid button down and some high waisted shorts. The shorts are another item oven been looking to add for some time now. I just love the colors in the plaid. The coral and teal go really beautifully together.


I have aver already started mixing in my current wardrobe. For a look at my outfits, check out Instagram for daily updates!

Stay tuned for all my sewn pieces that will be made after our move.

Hearing Impaired Tech: HyperX Cloud II Review

20151213_123512 20151213_123116 20151213_123335

Hearing Impaired Headsets: A Review of HyperX Cloud II Pro-Gaming Headsets

I have mentioned a few times before that I am severely hearing impaired thanks to a Genetic condition. I rely on the use of hearing aids to be able to communicate with those around me. I’ve been hearing impaired for over 5 years now. While being able to hear with hearing aids is awesome in and of itself but using them leaves me unable to use headsets. Its been over 5 years since I have really been able to use headphones, bluetooth ear piece and a normal phone (thankfully cell phones are rated for hearing aids). Its small things like this that make life of a hearing impaired person a bit harder. With most headphones and headset they cause feedback or even the sound to fail on my hearing aids.

wpid-20151208_223303.jpg wpid-20151208_223450.jpg

This is where Kingston’s HyperX Cloud II headsets come into play. I was fortunate enough to be able to try the HyperX headset. I was in shock. They actually worked with my BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing aids. There is no distortion or loss of sound at all. They fit so comfortably around my ears and cover all of my hearing aid so that there is no loss of sound. It features memory foam padded headband and ear cups. It helps cushion your head for max comfort during extended wear.

20151213_123211 20151213_123134

There are also 2 types of ear cups, Vinyl and a super soft flocked material. HyperX is typically a gaming brand but this headset works amazingly with hearing aids.  The 7.1 surround sound and closed earcups offers unbeatable sound quality while blocking unwanted noise. It offers a detachable noise and echo cancelling mic perfect for those skype calls or long nights of raiding or if your like me, late night sewing marathons where you dont want the music to wake the whole house. The advance USB control box and 3.5mm mini stereo jack offer multiple ways to connect to yours device (it works with PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and phones/tables/MP3 devices) and inline mic and earcup volume controls (this is detachable for use with mobile devices). It all stores in an included mesh storage bag.   20151213_123646

The Headset is available through Amazon for $99. It is a bit on the higher end of the headphone spectrum but well worth the cost for the outstanding performance. There are available in gun metal, white/pink (as shown), and black/red.

A HUGE Thank you to HyperX for producing an amazing headset that works so well with hearing aids and for sending this headset to me for review. All thoughts and statements about the headset are my own. For more details and a better look at the headset head over to my Youtube channel and check out my video review. Closed Captions are available.

Gearing up for baby!

Its crazy to think that in just about 9 more weeks(give or take a few) we will have our newest little in our arms to snuggle and love. It’s been a chaotic last 31 weeks and now it’s crunch time to finish up the last few things we need to do and buy.

Given the current living arrangement of our parental units (his father and my mother are both living with us currently), little guy will be rooming with us in the master. It actually works out for the better as I am once again breastfeeding and night feedings are exhausting those first few months. The crib is being sidecar’d to our Bed for ease of nursing. I also picked up the Poäng chair from Ikea for comfortably nursing when needed. I still need to get or make new sheets and his blanket, which his Poppa has decided will be Hulk inspired. I was hoping to agree on Frankenstein but I can always do a reversible one.

We were so fortunate that a friend of mine just had her little guy about 6 months ago and still had all of his newborn and smaller sized clothing (Thanks Kelsey! And thanks Ashley for getting them to my mom!). We have picked up some things for him as well as me making him some cute custom layette sets.

While we aren’t having a shower this time around (it’s just not possible with all of our friends and family members being 1000+ miles away) I did register on Amazon and a local store back in our hometown. Mostly so that I can track what things I still need to get and for those few that want to send gifts. I’m not worried about gifts just thankful he is being celebrated. His birth is an exciting event for us.

Planned Chaos August 2015 Unboxing

This is the elusive Planned chaos Planner Goodie subscription box. I was on the wait list for 9 months and finally was able to move up to get a spot this month.

the wait list is currently closed but you can shop her Etsy, https://www.4boychaos.etsy.com (her shop is currently on vacation.

Included in this months box was 5 sheets of stickers plus 1 small sampler, 2 washi samples and some candy.

Stickers are from:

One Orange Snowflake: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OneOrangeSnowflake

Oh So Pretty Planner: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OhSoPrettyPlanner

Two Little Sparkles: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TwoLittleSparkles

I am not sure but I do believe the Donut sheet is from her shop and exclusive to just this box. There is no shop name on it so I am unsure.

The box is $24.50 a month and like I said it has a waitlist.

Join the Group and the waitlist: https://www.facebook.com/groups/plannedchaos/

My Thoughts, Its a good selection of “popular” stickers shops for the price but the wait-list is the only CON. Like I said it took me about 9 months to get on the active subscription list. If you don’t mind waiting then I say hop on it and wait.


Disclaimer: I paid for this Subscription. All thoughts and promotions are my own.

Quick and Easy Planner Case Tutorial

Planner CasePlanner Case
While I love my SewAnna Button Designs Fabric Cover for my planner sometimes I just don’t want the bulk or I need something slimmer for in my bag. Being a mommy of (almost) 3 I usually end up with everything under the sun in my bag. Its not practical to just throw it in my bag and go. Solution is this, an Accordion file folder wrap cover.


Accordion folder you don’t mine cutting up.


1/8″ Hole Punch



Planner or Planner covers


  1. Remove the guts from the inside of the folder. you can throw this away or you can use it to make pockets in the inside of the cover if you’d like. (another tutorial for another time)
  2. Lay it as flat as you can and Trace the front cover to the non Flap section on the file. Trace the back cover from about the second crease line down from the flap. Trace the hole marks too!
  3. Cut out the covers and punch your holes. After that is done cut the slits to make the cover interchangeable.
  4. Measure 1.25″ over from the holes and about 3/4″ from top and bottom on the front cover. These are your elastic holes, punch them just like you did the others. Snag elastic from the folder waste and thread it in the holes.
  5. Put it on your planner and Enjoy!
  6. Optional: Dress it up with a monogram or Vinyl decal and Share on IG tagging @SewAnnaButton (thats Me!)


Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think, Subscribe to the youtube if you like my stuff and want to see more tutorials and Planner related posts.

Growing roots.

The best part about our “retirement” is that we finally have the chance to sit still and plant roots. After much discussion we settled on the amazing southwest. We’ve been here almost 3 weeks now and it’s been great. The days are warm, sunny and breezy. Which is amazing for February seeing as much of our family is dealing with tons of snow and ice. While the weather is amazing, the best part for me is finally having the chance to make a home. In our previous homes I’ve never decorated much for fear of having to turn right back around and take it down. I’ve found myself addicted to Pinterest searching for inspiration for rooms and my eventual garden. Our taste are very vintage eclectic. We love metal signage, bright colors and bold statement pieces. The house we are in has a few accent walls but they are brown on tan. A paint job is needed. This is kinda the look and feel I am going for.

Living room inspiration

It never seems to fail that blogging slips away from me. The last few months have been a complete chaotic whirlwind. Things are finally settling, thank you Odin. In the last 9 months I’ve moved twice, business is booming and growing, my hubs has retired and the girls are growing like weeds. Venom is 3 going on 14 I swear. She’s a mini teenager full of attitude and sass. She blows me away with how smart she is. Roo is catching up. She is my little daredevil and tomboy. A complete daddy’s girl. It’s amazing to see their little personalities grow and develop. We were finally able to spend our first Yule with family and friends even if it didn’t go as planned. But hey what family doesn’t have drama during the holidays.

Now we’re enjoying life full of fun and leisure (well when I’m not sewing away). Thankfully we were able to move back to Texas and are currently avoiding the winter that our family is having. I’m pretty sure my Mum is sick of hearing (err… Reading since she’s deaf too) about our sunshiny days. I see it as motivation to move south.

We got a new member of the family as well. The hubs has a service dog, Bacon Cheeseburger.

Fashion Friday: Mint to Be

Mint to Be

Do you feel like you could walk into a room and just make everyone’s jaw drop?  I think with this Fashion Friday’s outfit, anyone could!  This is a go to office outfit: stylish but sexy, in an office appropriate way.  Honestly if I could I would wear this every week because this oozes professional but sexy at the same time.  Want to make it more fun for after work parties? Loose the blazer and let your hair down or leave it half up/half down to keep it casual.  Don’t forget to strut your stuff ladies.

Fashion Friday: Winter Wonderlust

Winter Wonderlust

Is it just me, or has someone else had the desire to just glow as bright as the snow on the ground? I feel like I’m alone on that one, but this week’s fashion is Winter Wonderlust.  The soft smokey eye to ease the beautifully white party dress with the stylish square side bag.  The loose curls to complement the white pearls to give it an elegant touch to this business gal.  Hope you make this outfit yours this weekend.  Strut your stuff Snow Queen.

Fashion Friday: Seeing Red

It’s the holiday season and we all want to strut our stuff when it counts the most.  Wanting to show off my style at all the parties this week, I wanted to stand out in a dark yet vibrant way: black and red.  The red against the black makes everything seem dark, yet seductive. Lets be honest, who doesn’t want that with the start of a new year? So lets see how things flow with this powerful outfit in the party scene.  Show off your style too this holiday season and don’t hold back.  Don’t forget to strut your stuff ladies.