This is a LONG overdue Review. Its also the first in a few I have to post. I Purchased the tester and the review is all my own…

Review- Oeko Popo Diapers

Before Venom was born I was lucky enough to receive a Tester Diaper from Oeko Popo Diapers. I only had to put down a 10$ deposit that would be returned at the time that she received my review. It was a great deal and the diaper is adorable. Venom has been Cloth diapered from the start, minus the 2 days we were in the hospital. She was 20.5″ long and 7lbs 3oz at birth and 6lbs 13oz when we left the hospital. She was so tiny I knew that she probably wouldn’t fit it right away. She now weighs 14lbs.

The diaper came wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon with a hand written note. I love tiny details like that. When I send out orders, I do the same extra touches to show that I am not a machine…

The diaper is yellow and pink with butterfly embroidery. Its a Pocket diaper with a welt pocket opening. The inside is athletic wicking mesh. It has adjustable back elastic and cased leg elastic, as well as front elastic. For a closer it uses swimsuit hooks. I was intrigued by the use of bra slide for the adjustablity. They hold very well and are simple enough to use.

At 2 weeks old I decided to try it on her. It fit okay, the front gaped a lot. While the legs fit wonderfully. I kind of wish there was a way to cross over the taps or that the front elastic was tighter. Now at 1 month the fit is a bit better. It still gaps just a bit.
Now at 4 and a half months it now fits almost perfectly.

The Gapping

It came with an insert but at first look its very small. I feel like its just to tiny. Also it doesn’t seem adsorbent enough, But Venom is a super soaker at times. I’ve added extra stuffing when she wears it. It did make stuffing a bit harder. I did try just laying in a soaker and I had leakage. Im not sure if it was Mummy error or what. When I stuff I haven’t had an issue. It does hold her Breastfed poop with out an issue.

Overall, its a great diaper. The design is great and very well made. I really recommend that you check the store out.

ETA: The creator of this diaper at this time is working on her own free to use pattern and doesn’t have any diapers for sale that I’ve seen.

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