How was everyone’s weekend? I hope that everyone enjoyed it. I had a great weekend and a wonderful surprise. While I’ve been here a year exactly today, I haven’t made that many friends. The few that I have are mostly Active Duty, but their amazing people. Mr. Sailor and I had our baby showers insanely early on in our Pregnancy since we knew there wasn’t a safe way for us to travel back to Indiana in the middle of there winter. (By safe I mean, we’re not crazy and going to risk being stuck there when snow hits. Also, the thought of a 12+ hour car ride doesn’t sound appealing.) Any who, Mr. Sailor felt that I needed something more, so he took it upon himself to get together with our friends and throw me a surprise baby shower this past weekend. Let me say that they got me good. Poor Mr. Sailor failed to get a pic of my face when I opened the door to see my friends standing there with balloons and cupcakes in hand. Needless to say it made me feel very very loved. Its nice to get unexpected surprises. The shower was very untraditional, We played Kinect instead of shower games and had pizza instead of finger sandwiches. Everyone had a great time and I am so grateful for such amazing friends.

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