It never seems to fail that blogging slips away from me. The last few months have been a complete chaotic whirlwind. Things are finally settling, thank you Odin. In the last 9 months I’ve moved twice, business is booming and growing, my hubs has retired and the girls are growing like weeds. Venom is 3 going on 14 I swear. She’s a mini teenager full of attitude and sass. She blows me away with how smart she is. Roo is catching up. She is my little daredevil and tomboy. A complete daddy’s girl. It’s amazing to see their little personalities grow and develop. We were finally able to spend our first Yule with family and friends even if it didn’t go as planned. But hey what family doesn’t have drama during the holidays.

Now we’re enjoying life full of fun and leisure (well when I’m not sewing away). Thankfully we were able to move back to Texas and are currently avoiding the winter that our family is having. I’m pretty sure my Mum is sick of hearing (err… Reading since she’s deaf too) about our sunshiny days. I see it as motivation to move south.

We got a new member of the family as well. The hubs has a service dog, Bacon Cheeseburger.

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