If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed some tweets about a Site called PayBox.me I’ve been using the site for about 2 weeks now so I figure that its a good time to give a review.

The site is still in its beta testing a developement stage but when completely up and running it will work similar to PayPal. Right now, for signing up as an “Early Bird” member. their giving away free money. You earn $25 for signing up and up to $20 a day just for logging in. Plus $10 for every referral you get.

My Thoughts:
The site is super simple. Upon signing up they didn’t ask for any super personal information. It did make me question how I would get the money that I’m earning but currently you cant do much more than earn, refer, or send/recieve money to another member. I didn’t see the harm in signing up with out giving out my info, I’m earning free money just by logging in to a site and leaving. How much you earn daily depends if you participate in a few simple surveys, or voting on the eventual debit card designs. You can also submit your own card designs. So far over the last 2 weeks with daily logins and a few referrals I’ve made a pretty decent amount.

I recommend checking it out and possibly signing up for it. You don’t really have anything to lose.

To check out the site Click Here.


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